Take the risk that the world will embrace the real you…what you really think. Feel. Want. Need.

Scary thought?

It may feel like you have everything to lose if you show the world who you really are.

The truth is, you may lose a few things…ways of being in the world that don’t reflect the real you…relationships that don’t work…feelings of being stuck, trapped, stifled, or just plain exhausted.

You can live without those, can’t you?

Trust yourself…your strength and power. Your wisdom and compassion. Your inner compass.

Like riding a bike.

You practiced, practiced, practiced. The wheel wobbled, and you held on tighter. Your bike tipped, and you pulled hard in the other direction.

Balancing a bike is about trusting and letting go; you can’t find your center of gravity until you stop trying so hard.

Trusting yourself means finding a different kind of center within. You practice, practice, practice. You feel like you might fall. Then you let go into the mystery of all that you have inside you…and feel the cool rush of wind in your face.

Build relationships…intimacy…community…connection.

Like dropping a smooth stone into a glassy pond.

The stone goes deep, and ever-widening circles spread. Your relationships reach out into the world and deep into your heart. They challenge you, sustain you, call you to be your true, best self.

There’s no magic involved in building satisfying, lasting relationships. When you’re ready to show up as who you really are and trust yourself, there are a few skills to learn and…

The world embraces you.