Facilitating groups is one of my favorite aspects of practice. The counseling groups I offer are not for everyone, they are for those looking to find connection and community within a group environment. I do screen for appropriateness of fit for each group I offer. I take seriously my role as facilitator in creating a safe environment to explore and practice becoming more authentic with yourself and others – for each participant in the group.

The group process can open you up to the recognition you are not alone – in what you think, feel, and your life experiences. It can be very powerful to experience others expressing their fear, guilt, shame and anger about their lives.

“Regardless of who we are, how we were raised or what we believe, all of us fight the silent and lonely battles of not being enough, not having enough, and not belonging enough” —Brene Brown

When we are able to express our deepest feelings and fears, and experience that we are not alone, and be heard, there can be such relief.

Group offers another benefit, one of being in community with like minded folks. We all need community, we can not live without relationship to others no matter how hard we may try or think we want to. I firmly believe in the concept “It takes a Village”. The Village, however, needs to be one where we feel we belong and one where we can also thrive – our tribe, the people with whom we feel we have finally come home. Not all groups become a community, though when it happens it is such a gift.

Current Counseling Group Offerings:

Healthy Endings
For women whose relationship has ended, and women who are wanting to find a compassionate and loving way to heal and move on.

Women at the Crossroads
For women interested in exploring how their life path is evolving, and for women who are looking for connection and support with other women on their journey.

Crones in Training
For women interested in connecting to and growing their beautiful inner wise woman self.