I see counseling as the “elixir of youth.” The more you let go of emotional and psychological baggage the lighter you feel and the more present and in touch you become with yourself and your environment. When you let go of the restricting beliefs and patterns, you can embody aliveness. The feeling of aliveness and joy creates a sense of eternal youth.

I believe when you are committed to growth and change, you can experience a renewed sense of empowerment; a joy and verve in living everyday; a reconnection to your authentic voice; a groundedness and a willingness to take up space and live your life more fully.

Issues that bring clients into counseling:

  • Feeling alone and wanting to find some connection;
  • Past experiences that are interfering with their present life;
  • Wanting stronger/loving intimate relationships;
  • Going through life transitions and wanting support;
  • Feeling lost and wanting to find themselves;
  • Feeling stuck in their lives and unable to move forward;

Fear, shame, guilt, anger, sadness, embarrassment, and alienation are just some of the feelings that can bring someone to counseling in search of relief.